the creation

It started out as a passion. A passion to help with education in any little way I can. To help prospective students apply to colleges. I never thought that I would be coding thousands of lines just to put up a web application.

I applied to colleges without knowing too much about colleges in the US. And I thought, won’t it be better if people had access to information about applying to colleges? Yes, it would be. But how. Should I go to a TV station, or start my own radio show about applying to colleges. Then I would have to drop out of school for something which might have an inauspicious beginning.  So what do I do?

I and my childhood friend Olaolu met again after a very long time. We had gone to the same primary school, Christabel Primary School, but lost touch along the way. Anyways, we met again! This time in the US embassy. We both joined EAC, Educational Advising Center, Abuja in the Embassy in Abuja. We discussed about several things and what we might want to do after college. I don’t know how but our discussion somehow ventured into computers and the making of websites. And how we could use it to improve people, institutions, and companies.

By this time I resolved, as my friends had advised me, to write a book. As always, my mum encouraged me to.

To Be continued…..

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