Who am I?

I’m Daniel Alabi– the one who was in SAGE and Connecting Classroom. The guy who always wanted to put his hands to work.

I’m Daniel. I try to be socially responsible even at a risk. That’s why I produced educlinks.com. I’m not afraid of the risks. I believe that I can do it. I can make it full featured and make it serve people: those people who wish to communicate with others in the same educational hierarchy; those people who want to talk to others in other levels; those people who need to be more in touch with their immediate educational environs; those people who want to support me. I unabashedly and fearlessly serve those people who want to join a fledgling community and grow with it.

I am for that guy in Egba town somewhere in Nigeria who wishes to talk to other students who are struggling to go to school. I am for those people who are constantly appalled by the educational chasm between schools in the West and everywhere else. I want to TRY to close that gap. I am for that guy who is looking into applying to colleges in the US or someplace else, and who is tired of looking at static content thrown all around the web. I am for that woman who is an alumnus of Carleton college and who wants to help freshman adjust to the community. I will bring the community to her doorstep. I am for that person who is looking for resources around the web about students in colleges, alumni, advisors, et cetera. Come, take a peek at educlinks.com. I am for all of you!!!

I must use my hands. My blessed hands. I must bring everyone together. I must work hard. Drink some coffee, water, red bull, or a combination of all of them. This is my first WEB project. Many more will follow. All of them would be open-sourced. All for the community that is looking for “something.”

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