2022 Reflections and 2023 Resolution

In 2022, I had many rejections and many acceptances. This seems to be constant in life and does not worry me, as much. It still stings, though, to get rejections but after a few hours, I feel fine (and sometimes become even more motivated to prove whoever wrong)!

Also, around the end of 2021, my parents had a terrible accident and barely survived. This event nearly broke me and serves as a reminder of what really matters: family, friends, relationships, and purpose. My parents have invested so much into me and love me unconditionally. The bare minimum I can do is to make them proud; I am happy to continue to do so.

Major events in 2022:

  1. Successfully defended my Ph.D. at Harvard University.
  2. Started a mini-version of naijacoder.org. The full version is tentatively planned for Summer 2023.
  3. Started as a postdoc at Columbia University.
  4. Moved back to NYC. It has been nice.

Only (additional) 2023 resolution: publish a blog post at LEAST once a month.

Cheers to a purposeful 2023!

2 thoughts on “2022 Reflections and 2023 Resolution

  1. Glad your parents are recovering! Felicitations as well for your positive moments this year and best wishes for a happy, healthy, and prosperous new year to all! 🙏🏽🍀📚🌍🌎❄️🎼☮️

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